Grade 1 – 4


What is a Micro School?

A micro school is an innovative, “think outside of the box” concept being offered at Creative Castle for Grades 1 – 4. We have partnered with Sequoia Choice School to offer a “hybrid learning” environment.

One combo class of Grade 1 / Grade 2 – Class size of 16 students

One combo class of Grade 3 / Grade 4 – Class size of 16 students


Educational Framework:

– A small group of students (16) that meet in a classroom setting, using a modified schedule (8:15 – 2:00).  After school club hours are available.

– The educational model empowers children through self-paced, interactive learning and class discussions.

– Each student has individualized academic goals, based on core subject standards. Once mastery has been accomplished, students can move on to the next concept.

– Children will have daily community meetings and choose a topic to research and discuss. These topics will encompass science, history and social studies. Class projects will be created.

– Students will use the multi-sensory gymnasium, playground and school gardens.

Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:15 – 2:00 PM               $395 per month

  • After school hours available.
  • There are NO early – release days.